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Equities down slightly as markets pause for breath

Click here to read last week’s market commentary from Zurich Life. http://www.zurichlife.ie/static/documents/PUB_NON_GI_MARKET_COMMENT/Weekly_Investment_News.PDF?docTag=&docVer=748

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Major Central Banks maintain Status Quo

Click on the following link for the weekly market commentary from Zurich Life. http://www.zurichlife.ie/static/documents/PUB_NON_GI_MARKET_COMMENT/Weekly_Investment_News.PDF?docTag=&docVer=747

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Zurich Weekly Market News

Click here to read the latest market commentary from Zurich Life: http://www.zurichlife.ie/static/documents/PUB_NON_GI_MARKET_COMMENT/Weekly_Investment_News.PDF?docTag=&docVer=746

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Modest Recovery Continues in Equity Markets

Click here for the latest weekly investment news from Zurich Life. http://www.zurichlife.ie/static/documents/PUB_NON_GI_MARKET_COMMENT/Weekly_Investment_News.PDF?docTag=&docVer=744

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Markets Recover Some Lost Ground

Weekly Investment Update from Zurich Life. http://www.zurichlife.ie/static/documents/PUB_NON_GI_MARKET_COMMENT/Weekly_Investment_News.PDF?docTag=&docVer=743

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Budget 2016 Summary

A full summary on the 2016 Budget can be found here. Budget 2016 Summary

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We have the latest investment commentary from Zurich available now for your viewing.

Zurich Weekly Investment News

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Have you recently left employment? Do you have an old pension that needs reviewing?

If you have recently left employment you may have an old pension that needs reviewing. Here at CWM Wealth Management we believe that reviewing your older pensions is very important as it gives you a clear picture of your financial future and how to plan for your […]

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Life Cover from Irish Life

Staff members recently travelled to the Irish Life Head Office in Dublin where we met with the Head of Underwriting. This was a very interesting discussion where we were given an insight into the underwriting world. Why not read more about Life Cover available from Irish Life […]

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Investment Outlook for 2015

Have you read Zurich’s Investment Outlook for 2015? Click here to read more on this Zurich Investment Outlook 2015

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